Financial Freedom

Freedom has a different meaning for everyone:

In essence we see financial freedom as enough passive or ongoing income to live out your dreams and make a difference in the lives of others! 

Wealth as a measure of financial freedom is the time it would take you to lower your living standards once you lose your job or active income or you can no longer produce any further income from your efforts.  For some of the fortunate it is 3 months but unfortunately it is a month for most!  To be considered wealthy you need to be able to maintain your existing living expenses for at least 10 months without your salary or active income to be considered wealthy.

Financial Freedom for me and our 3 Step 2 Freedom team would be:

To introduce (actually sponsor - as you ensure they succeed) 2 like-minded people to kick and leverage your efforts live your lifestyle of choice and not to work for money but to have your money work for you!  Decide on your start package, save in gold, duplicate and earn:

Click on the Golden Egg image below to download an Excel Spreadsheet I used to calculate various income options and to substantiate our income plan!
Once you decide to join - all FREE and will always be FREE to refer others and with absolutely no obligations or financial commitments, please click HERE (please ensure you get the Username and User ID of the person that referred you here, if not me).    You will get a company website link like mine and automatically be eligible to earn in the Unilevel Income.  A one-time purchase of one the packages namely Bronze, Silver, Gold etc is required to access the Dual Team Income.  If you join from my (or your Sponsor's) link you will get a code to get 100 Euros discount if you want to start at Silver for only 250 Euros, but you will earn 4 times the income from the same effort and your first 1g Gold Bar.  To join as Bronze, choose the Digital Bronze Package at 125 Euros (about R1 800 once-off) to get started with no gold.  
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